Our People

The Values We Believe In

All Rovagnati employees are part of a working environment based on important values shared by all. These values are our base and our roots: they inspire our behaviour and help us build the future of our company.


Our goal is to reach our targets

We work with passion and dedication every day: it’s the only way we know how to overcome every challenge.


The past inspires us to design our future

We build every new project with our past successful solutions in mind: stopping isn’t an option.


With us, one plus one makes three

We open ourselves up to building value as a team, without holding back, because multiple viewpoints mean a richer perspective.


We think outside of the box

We are not afraid to explore off the beaten path, knowing that every goal we reach is thanks to the contributions, however small, of many.


We play for our team colours

We are fair to the company and its stakeholders because there is no success without integrity and transparency.


Every problem looks complicated before it is solved

We encourage straightforward processes and intuitive solutions: being practical and pragmatic is in our very DNA.

What Rovagnati workers say



Every day, my job gives me the opportunity to tackle complex projects and strengthen my knowledge of the diversity of the countries outside of Europe.



For me, it’s rewarding to engage with market needs and with our various stakeholders every day, to stay current. And it all happens because the company believes in me.


Regulatory Affairs

My professional and personal growth comes from the constant and stimulating dialogue we have with the foreign countries we work with.



I define my work as dynamic. That's what I like, always being ready to challenge yourself to improve and grow professionally.



My greatest satisfaction is making new products to launch on the market - seeing consumers’ reaction to each launch, even more so.


Sales Department

I’m excited to start every day with the desire to do better and better. I’ve learned to walk, ride a bike and drive with Rovagnati, but there are still so many things I want to learn.


Category Management

I enjoy taking on different projects where I can experiment with solutions and ways of relating. That’s the essence of teamwork, an important factor and element of strength.



I am committed to our values because they allow me to improve and to achieve common goals through close collaboration between departments.


Regulatory Affairs

Being a strategic and supportive figure for different business functions allows me to capture and enhance creative ideas and insights. It deepens my knowledge and professionalism.


Customer Service

I have developed my skills over the years, taking each new opportunity as a chance to grow. Thanks to commitment and dedication, today I’m leading a whole department.



I enjoy my job, and I find it rewarding. I call Rovagnati home: I grew up in the company and immediately acquired the values of tradition and quality, which I try to pass on to the people I work with.