The Rovagnati forest on Treedom

The Rovagnati forest on Treedom

Together with Treedom , the first web platform that lets you remotely plant a tree and follow its life story online, and with the support of our customers: the Rovagnati Forest is born..
The Rovagnati Forest is made up of more than 1300 trees , including Avocado , Orange, Cocoa and White Mangrove , in 7 countries around the world: Cameroon, Honduras, Kenya, Madagascar, Colombia, Haiti, and Tanzania. This immense green expanse will allow us to absorb over 363 tons of carbon dioxide.

Because we want a greener and fairer world, contributing to the social and environmental well-being of entire communities. All trees are planted directly by local farmers, bringing social and economic benefits to their areas.

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Our Treedom forest was planet thanks to the participation of our customers, who took part in special contests and solidarity initiatives on Rovagnati Outlet.

Treedom is a real collective forest: each tree has been planted and photographed, and has its own online page always available for consultation.

The initiative is promoted by Rovagnati Responsible Quality, our Corporate Social Responsibility program, through which we place quality and people at the center of what we do, continuing to pursue our commitment to being Tasty, Healthy and Fair.