Nitrite-free preservation – now it’s possible

Rovagnati has reached another goal as part of its commitment to continuous improvements in the nutritional quality of its cured meats.
Naturals – with no added nitrites – is the first ever full line of cured meats using 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives.
The Naturals line uses natural derivatives that are 100% nitrite & nitrate free. Thanks to their synergy, the result is a totally healthy product, with the same safety guarantees as one treated with nitrites.

Nitrite-free preservation – now it’s possible

Unique technology. International patent pending

Rovagnati has been able to eliminate nitrites completely thanks to its development of a unique and highly innovative technology, a project that has seen it working alongside several universities and animal science institutes throughout Italy for more than two years. An international patent application has been filed. Approved by the competent authorities, this new technology lets Rovagnati produce products free of nitrite additives.

Unique technology. International patent pending

Good for you, good for the environment.

A complete range of tasty, healthy and fair products as they are made with natural ingredients, respect for the environment and the animal welfare.
All the ingredients are completely natural - from field to fork - and processed to a minimum without any chemical adjuvants or additives. Our product transformation processes are totally natural and harmless, such as steaming (cooked ham), hot air cooking (Mortadella), and curing at controlled temperatures and humidity (salami and raw ham).

ROVAGNATI NATURALS respects our Responsible Quality Pillars.

TASTY we produce the best cold cuts specialties as for the original Italian tradition.
HEALTHY we use the best selected ingredients and innovative technologies to provide the highest Food Safety for Customers and Consumers.
FAIR we are committed to sustainability in terms of environment, animal welfare, and resources.

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ROVAGNATI NATURALS respects our Responsible Quality Pillars.


ROVAGNATI NATURALS offers a delightful experience of italian charcuterie.

Rovagnati is the Italian leader in charcuterie production thanks to its renowned expertise in selecting and processing the best raw materials to create products with unique taste and flavor.


Rovagnati Naturals is entirely made with natural ingredients and aims to ensure the highest nutritional value and food safety.

0% Antibiotics
0% Nitrite-free
0% GMO
0% Gluten
0% Milk proteins
0% Added monosodium glutamate


ROVAGNATI NATURALS promotes sustainability, respect for the animal welfare and the environment.

Packaging 80% recyclable*.
* percentage referred to the self-service tray


Rovagnati has developed a specific program that not only applies the 5 freedoms, but also guarantees good practices in farming and animal welfare by ensuring an audited supply chain that follows specific criteria:
- NO antibiotics since birth
- NO growth hormone can be administered to the pigs according to EU legislation
- Castration only with anesthesia and analgesia, according to EU legislation
- No extraction of teeth, according to EU legislation
- No ear cutting, according to EU legislation
- Enough straw and fodder
- Environmental enrichment, according to EU legislation
- Free range for sows up to 7 days before delivery, according to EU legislation

Rovagnati also extends the animal welfare to chickens. Rovagnati makes use of a Made in Italy poultry supply chain that reduces intensive breeding and guarantees good practices in farming and animal welfare:
- Floor-raised chickens
- Daily checks by expert personnel
- Raising without the use of antibiotics
- Non-GMO feed
- More space for the chickens than the legal limits